Monday, April 12, 2010

Science and Religion

I haven't blogged for awhile, I haven't really had much to say, but I think I can throw some thoughts out there tonight.
I have been thinking about god, religion, science, and all the stuff surrounding it a lot lately, and I have started to have some revelations. I can start from the beginning and work more into it so I will try to keep it simple for now. All of the following are personal thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. I have not read any books on the subjects, besides the Bible, and my thoughts derive from articles I have read, being raised Catholic, and just figuring out things myself.
The Big Bang, theory, isn't taken into consideration in religion, but I have found a source for it. Before the BB there was nothing, or as far as we know it, but when it happened and the universe was created and it released such a powerful force of energy and it is this energy that man became attached. An energy that is everything, it is the air we breathe, the water we drink, the very essence of ourselves is apart of this energy. Religious would feel and call this energy God. Science would call this in many terms of energy in the universe.
This energy does not have a hold or person interest in mankind, but it is there and is apart of us. This energy is the absolute form of evolution, it is the point of perfect ascension that all life should thrive to evolve to. When you pray, or meditate, or however you feel you personally can connect with the energy, you can will it to be apart of your life.
For example, a man prays to his god to save his wife from cancer. He is so devoted that he spends day and night praying to God for help. A miracle happens and his wife gets better, the man then prays a thank you to God for saving her life. This is the energy, this is man reaching out with his mind to the energy and using pure will to pull the energy into his life for a miracle. It seems confusing, but it is fairly simple.
The energy is not a cognitive being, it is intelligence at a level incomprehensible to man, that may seem frightening or wrong to some people but I have a reason for it. There is strong evidence supporting evolution, this evidence also points that evolution is not and never will be over. Man has seen forms of evolution but has not really noticed it as such, but I have. There are people who are mentally superior to others, who have abilities mentally that others do not, that are physically more capable than others, than are better fit for making babies than others...all this is signs of nature strengths and weaknesses.
Obesity is a problem in America, but the body is capable of being fit, strong, fast, and far superior to an obese body (this is not meant as an offense to anyone). Man can easily achieve a physical superiority over other men, proof is in sports and athletics, there are people who are just strong and just fit (with or without constant exercise), that is the evolution happening...the better the genes the better the later genes and good genetics drives good genetics, millions of years those good genes lead the way in mans evolution.
Mentally it is proven that we only use portions of our brain power, some people are dramatically more intelligent than others, some people are natural at studying and soaking in knowledge while others struggle. That is evolution. Higher intelligence can aid in realization of the bigger picture, the full extent of things instead of a small, in the box view of life like most people have. Intelligence will improve and with it mental capacity, and with that the powers and abilities that the mind has to offer.
Movies and TV show people with special powers all the time, it is nothing new, but what is interesting is that people really do wish they had those powers. Now imagine spending your entire life devoted to 1 thing, say you spend 8 hours a day meditating and learning to control your mind, late in life you are at a level of cognizance that you truly believe you can commune with the dead, or someone else mentally, or do things mentally...monks know this, and they lead the way in evolution and have for generations.
There is so much more to all of this, it just takes a little bit of an open mind to see things bigger than they are and see past things and into others. I am not trying to start a religion or a new science theory, I am merely getting ideas out that combine the 2 and may just find a common and inspirational middle.