Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Economically Cheap Quality Eyeglasses

I have had the same frames for my glasses and the same prescription for a long time. Actually the lens' have been replaced but are chipped again, the frame was expensive at $170 and has been worn down and doesn't completely keep one lens in. I have been looking at glasses passively because I do need a new pair but they are out of my price range.
Through my searches for something I could afford I found Zenni Optical which offered prices I could finally afford. I had come across an article by an Examiner author Eric Hammer who talked about Zenni Optical. They start their prices as low as $8 and don't move out too far from good prices. Anti-glaring as an extra is only $4.95 as opposed to the $50 you may pay, I know I paid $75 for mine).
So I am pleased with my new glasses, they are comfortable and I don't worry about my lens falling out. I highly recommend Zenni Optical. I would like to know from readers what they have had to go through with optical problems. It is one of those things, you have glasses and if you can't pay for new ones then you just wear the same old pairs longer than is healthy. My brother, in fact, has been using my mothers old pair for I think 4 years now, and they are not the same prescription.

Monday, March 22, 2010

An Herbal Date Night

My wife and I have a date night together every once in a while, just the 2 of us and always special. For one night I planned everything out from the dinner that I made to our night alone together, which doesn't happen often. I picked up some massage oil from Green Dragon Herbals to give some flavor to a massage. The massage oil was flavored with peppermint, something else that added a little to the fun, it came off a lot different than it went on. It wasn't irritating, it wasn't too much oil, it was safe, and it smelled so very good.

My wife loved the flavored massage oil so we are definitely getting more products from Green Dragon Herbals. Next time maybe we can try one of the other flavors that they have.