Monday, August 6, 2012

Fell off the Grid

Hello everyone! Whether your a viewer from my obscure youtube page or a first time reader I would like to thank you for your time. I am attempting to rekindle myself with this blog, as it got limited activity it gave me little motivation. However, I see the muse may have shown its face again and I may have some to write about that can be read and discussed.

First off, let me reintroduce myself and what I am all about. My name is FreeFromAntics, what that means is free from the influence of bullshit. I am an Army veteran and dealt with a lot of bullshit there. I grew up the bullied kid, with a long road milestones for moving, and grew up free of the social bullshit (to an extent of course). And since separating from the Army have been free of a lot more bullshit.

Allow me to, secondly, familiarize everyone with what I consider bullshit. The bullshit that I can name easiest is the personal avoidance of everything that many people integrated into their lives. This being avoiding the truth or facts and presenting yourself as a lie.

For example, a friend of mine in the Army was a bit of a popular character. He was enjoyable to be around, kind enough, big and dumb but cool enough you wanted to spend time with. I was the guy with the car, he was the guy without a license, and we both liked enjoying our time off. We would hang out after work with a beer and movies, like many of us did during the week as single soldiers with nothing to do. We would relate stories while we worked, getting to know one another to an extent. After awhile I thought I knew this guy, but turns out after getting out of the Army the truth is a little different. I was able to find out from his ex girlfriend (my current friend) that he talked a lot of shit behind my back.

That is one case of the many, in fact there were several occasions similar to this all through my history. I never understood it until recently, but now I am able to piece much back together....such bullshit.

Its this kind of bullshit I actually have very limited off in my life. however in its place is the economic and government bullshit that we all have to deal with. And I suppose that is my third point, I am just tired of things being so crappy. I would like to believe that things are improving, but honestly I have not seen it personally. Still my wife and I are out of work, our efforts turning up enough temp agencies that never call and no replies, which is the norm. I would rather continue school and get my degree than find work, but as expenses go up and what little income we have goes down what other choices do I have. I self employ but with no capital in hand being the reason to seek this pursuit makes it difficult to have a return investment.

Whatever the reason, bullshit is there and it is something I like to stay free from. I enjoy the discussion that is life and our civilization, however I feel we are suffering as a people and a new awareness is needed. As a social outsider most of my life, I would love nothing more than to feel more apart of a community, but everywhere I live I have seen little of it.