Thursday, February 4, 2010

When Time's Are Tough

I was expecting that my CA EDD unemployment check would arrive today, much to my dismay that was not the case. So I had to contact the governor's office in hopes they could resolve my issue.
My issue, in case you were wondering, is that it is Thursday and I haven't eaten since Tuesday. My wife hasn't eaten today. Our son is priority and the last of our food is going to him. Diapers...well we have 3 left and he is a 19 month old...not yet ready for potty training. We cannot wait another day for a check to get here. Tomorrow my wife as her college orientation and we need the money to pay for gas to get here there (we have to borrow a car), she also needs to eat if she hopes to last the time the orientation takes.
Seriously, why is California still on a paper check system anyways? Texas has a direct deposit and online filing that expedites everything and keeps us on a straight system to rely on (my wife collects from TX, but her whole check is our rent and electric bill). I have not received a check from CA since January 7th, I have called and called and gotten claims in the mail but still no checks.
I hope CA is happy that people are going hungry because of their epic failure to heed technology. And after everything I did for this country, I love the shaft up the ass I receive in return.

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