Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Unemployment Worries

I live in Arizona but I have unemployment from California, since that was the last place I lived and worked, and that just makes things worse for me. Cali has such a horrible unemployment program going on that no matter what time or what day I call their call center, always busy. They are on an archaic format of paper files and paper checks that makes life difficult. My wife collects from Texas, which does online filing and direct deposit into a bank card. CA....get with the program. Since November, when I reopened my claims, I have not had a steady flow of checks. I got my last check on Jan 9th. Since then my wife and I had to use her entire check for rent, leaving us nothing for food. So wince Jan 14th we havent gone food shopping, which if you can figure 2 adults 1 toddler on a $34 budget of food...today is a very hungry day.

We have 1 meal left, a hamburger helper, after that its 2 packages of top ramen, 1 small can of pasta sauce and 1 box of rotini. My son has a box of gold fish and a bag of animal crackers, but otherwise....we have no food. About a quarter gallon of milk, 3 small bottles of water, and 2 cups of kool-aid left...and you know whats the best part? I probably won't get my unemployment until MAYBE Friday...maybe not. And my wife doesn't get hers until Tuesday.

Thank you California, thank you so much for screwing up paperwork and failing to get things on track. Thank you for being so slow in your process to get checks out that I get to lose weight on a forced diet. Thank you for not wanting to embrace technology. I lost 30 lbs in 2009...I wasn't heavy to begin with and I lost 30 lbs. This recession has hit me so hard that I am physically hurting now.

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