Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Obama's February 1st 2010 Youtube Live Interview

Yesterday afternoon I spent watching the president speak on youtube.com answering questions from the people. It was an interesting little video, streamed out live to all the masses of tubers around the world. What I found the most interesting was not Obama's ability to not really answer a question, but rather the fact that going through the submitted questions I see that the top ranked were all about legalization of marijuana.

This questions wasn't even asked to the President during his little interview, it seems that no legalization questions or medicinal questions were asked at all. I thought that was a little odd when there was plenty of proof that the people wanted to know his stance on the current situation.

So yet again I find myself doubting American politics that work for the people. Yet again it seems that other corporations and special interest groups are going to get their way and marijuana will be pushed to the back burner and continue to stay illegal. A victim-less crime making millions of Americans criminals every day.

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