Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First Home Garden Growth

So I started my at home garden this week and I am trying several different things. First, I am growing tomato, basil, parsley, dill, chives, catnip, onions, lettuce, sage, thyme, and a hanging strawberry bush. I am trying a few methods to get everything to grow.
Walmart has these cool Jiffy peat pellet greenhouses for $6, I got one of those and sowed several different things in rows and I am going to see how that goes. Then I have a few pots that are sown as well with seeds that are not starting with greenhouse. The tomato plant is already started, its about 8 weeks old, and I am going to try and just keep it alive and thriving. Then there is a basila flower that I got 3 roots in a bag that I am going to try and grow. I only planted 1 root so far, I am going to see how it goes before I get the other 2 planted.
I still have to get a few more larger pots, a planting tray for my eventual transplanting of the larger vegetables, and herbs. So far though this has been fulfilling. I hope that I can get several plants to grow and thrive and be able to harvest them for use at home. I love to cook so everything will be put to good use, and the satisfaction of eating something that I grew will be something I have never experienced before.
Maybe eventually marijuana will become medicinally legalized or generally legalized so I can grow that too, I am very found of the applications the plant has for growth and soil preservation.

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