Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Caprica Episode 2

If any of you are Battlestar Galactica fans and have been watching the new Caprica series then you are aware of the new story line. For those of you who are not I will try to limit the spoilers.
Caprica just aired the 2nd episode a few days ago and I watched it tonight on Hulu. I am happy that the long wait for the show to come out has ended, but I am not so sure how I feel about it quite yet. It seems some what dull, but that was to be expected as the producers did say it was not going to be BSG like. It is more of a Earthy feel with future technology added into it and a lot of Lost like mystery.
As of now we have a terrorist attack that from the pilot episode we know was committed by a main character's daughter's boyfriend. Before the attack the daughter, Zoe, had created an avatar in a virtual reality world that people go to for entertainment for some unknown reason. This avatar was then discovered by the father, Daniel Greystone a technological corporate head, who then input it into the Cylon prototype body.
He thought the avatar was destroyed but it obviously wasn't, as the avatar now resides in a single Cylon body. The Zoe avatar calls her friend who did not die in the terrorist attack to let her know she was in the real world, trapped in a Cylon body.
Basically that was it for episode 2. We get some glimpses of Bill Adama as a child being totted around by his mafioso uncle, a Tauron, and committing a crime. We see a little of the technology the world of Caprica lives in. We also get a glimpse of the culture from Bill's uncle saying "hitting on guys" showing that homosexuality is norm and not a stereotype, that group marriages are common, or so it seems, and that a monotheistic religion is unorthodox.
BSG fans may be a little disappointed, this is not the same ball game, but I plan to stick it out and follow the show as I was deeply in-love with BSG during the entire run and still go back and watch it from time to time.
I say give it a chance, maybe it will play out to a much better story than I expect it will. Ron Moore has never failed to please, and Caprica has so much potential. Stay tuned, I plan to do more updates as the show airs.

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