Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why Does Blogging Waste My Time?

Mainly blogging is a waste of my time because no one ever reads what I write. I can spend 15 minutes or 1 hour writing a blog that I think would be read, only to turn out that not a single person sees what I have written. But that isn't the only reason that blogging is a waste of time.
Another reason why blogging is a waste of time is the lack of revenue that is created. I could spend my time on more lucrative interests, but I instead dedicate time to blogging in hopes of eventually creating some sort of financial gain. Of course that is the goal of many bloggers, but not all, and there are countless blogs out there that cover the topic of monetary gain via blogging. But honestly the people who do create a cash flow from blogging is actually small, as most blogs are unable to create any cash flow at all without having money to invest prior to blogging.
Supporting that claim is my continued efforts to gain some sort of leverage in the blogger ads that exist, such as,, and Google Adsense. Google Adsense claims that within a week of sign up a blogger would be able to use the adsense utilities in creating a revenue, though this has been proven false advertising as I have been waiting for well over 3 weeks now. The same goes for and as well, as you are given tasks from these sites to blog about and I have yet to see any leads or tasks.
And a final reason why blogging seems to be a waste of my time is lack of interesting topics. I could honestly write about hundreds of things, but it seems that when I do search for topics I have thought of blogging about there are already countless blogs covering those topics. The majority of which have very few views or comments, if any at all.
If you want to be a successful blogger I personally suggest not even bothering on your own. Rather, find a company, organization, or news outlet that hires bloggers to do articles or reviews for them. Maybe this would be a better way to produce yourself and get yourself recognized, especially if you hope to make money.

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