Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Job That I Want

I got an email for a job as a security guard for a department of the state. Now I really do need a job and this one is offering a good bit, but is it what I want? Or am I even able to ask that of a job in these times?

I have enjoyed the freedom that my unemployment has given me. For 5 years I had to shave every single day, but with the recession and my unemployment I have cut back on buying razors and only shave when my beard starts to bother me...I have grown to enjoy my goatee. I put my ear piercings back in, just 2 in my left ear, but I have enjoyed having the freedom to wear what I want when I want. As some of you may have figured out from a few of my blogs or videos I am a strong support of legalizing marijuana, in my case I would like to get it medicinally legalized to help alleviate pains and take care of mental things.

With this job I would have to be clean shaven every day, I would have to remove my piercings, I would have to have a short hair cut, I would not be able to use medicinal marijuana even if it does get legalized this year in my state, and I would be giving up a lot of my freedoms again. Is this what I want? I know I need a job, so is that enough? Is it enough for us to just take and do a job because we need the money? To give up what we want in life, or what we like to do just so that we can get a long? Right now it seems the answer is yes, I need this job. But when I start to think about what my life will be like...I hope it is for the better.

That is if I even qualify completely for this job, as my mental problems from the Army have gone down they are still present as well as my physical problems which have gone down but are still very much so present.

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