Saturday, January 16, 2010

How Do You Feel About America's Reaction to Haiti?

With Katrina still in every American's mind we can easily relate to the Haitians with the natural disaster. So this time when a disaster stuck we decided to send help, in the form of B. Obama. President Obama has ordered aid to Haiti and even has gone as far as to grant any illegal Haitians in America legal worker status.

I think that was where I drew the line with Haiti relief. Already I was kind of disgruntled over the amounts of money the government had mentioned in sending in aid, but don't think me as cold hearted I am just more of an American than you'd think. America sends aid to countries all over the world every year, and that is great that we can be the world's piggy bank of aid...but there is a problem with this. We are in a deep recession, we are in massive unemployment and there isn't any work in sight for so many Americans.

The reason I bring the unemployment and recession up is because Obama's decision to make the illegal Haitians legal workers hurts Americans while helping those Haitians. As an Army veteran that has been unemployed for 2 years this affects me because I am not only a citizen, I am a citizen that gave 5 years of my life to the defense of America. One would assume that veterans can get jobs easily, but that is not the case in this economy and not the case for all veterans (remember some veterans were trained in combat, which has no civilian equivalent). I have a family to take care of and I am running out of unemployment checks, and here Obama is giving illegal's an opportunity to take jobs from Americans yet again.

I don't know how to feel, I really am just starting to lose it with our government and the stress that this economy has brought with it. I can't believe what the news says about job growth when so many of my veteran friends and I are out of work, when I don't know what I am going to do about rent 2 months from now when my unemployment runs out, and when the only things I see my tax dollars being spent on are not helping me in the least.

So I ask this of all of you, how do you feel about what America is doing to help Haiti? Is it enough? Is it too much or too little? Should we be focusing on ourselves a little bit more?

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